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Wayfinders of

modern mead

Mead is the oldest alcoholic beverage most people have never heard of.  Mead is an ancient honey drink steeped in myth and legend. 


Working from their own legends, Annapurna Mead Co. is pioneering new styles of mead for modern drinkers and modern palates. 

Bees Are the Answer

Bees are one of the most net positive species on Planet Earth.  (in our humble opinion)

When foraging, bees add to, not subtract from, their food source.  Their relationship with our world and our food sources speaks volumes about the true nature of interdependence.


Like "canaries in a coal mine," bees and their delicate survival warn us to pay attention to our choices and the impacts they have on ALL life.

We aren't the only ones on this planet,

it's time to live like it.



Stay tuned for our efforts with our pollinators