The who, what and why behind the Annapurna Mead Company

Our story is about Transformation.

From the pollen of flowers, along the thousands of miles flown by bees' wings, honey is a process of transformation. A product of nature made by nature to sustain nature, honey transforms, adds to, not removes from.

Honey in its natural state never spoils. It doesn't rot, it has antibacterial properties and was fermented into the oldest documented alcohol ever found. Honey goes the distance.

In 2010, husband and wife duo, Patrick and Amalia, quit their jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area and went a’traveling. A major highlight of their travels was a visit to Nepal where they backpacked for a month around the Annapurna mountain range. Even though it rained most days, the hiking was hard and the air thin, the glimpses of the white capped Himalayas were inspiring and inspired. To them every trek, every journey, every task endeavored should be transformative.

Patrick spent 10 years perfecting his palate as a wine barrel rep along the US West coast.  Working intimately with high-end winemakers throughout that career, he developed keen insight into the human palate and the layers of complexity hidden within.


In 2011, fresh off that far-flung world trip, Patrick briefly joined forces with a honey company in the heart of Kansas.  Getting a direct insight into the world of bees and honey, he endeavored to create a refreshing, dry, gluten-free alternative for his wife and friends.  What he discovered is that honey creates the perfect fermentable base on which to layer fresh flavor combos.

Thus began the quest that is now Annapurna Mead. The quest to re-imagine mead for a modern world and modern drinkers.

Annapurna Mead takes the best of nature, the transformative workings of millions of bees to create refreshing, dry-style meads that are served on tap next to your favorite craft beers and ciders. Mead is naturally gluten-free and is perfect for those looking for alternatives to over-the-top craft beers, apple-centric ciders and cane sugar/clear malt seltzers.